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M369 Massager

Tap into your highest potential

You put your all into what you do, 
we help you keep doing it 


Introducing the finest handheld massager on the market.

Combining traditional Thai

massage practices with modern technology in a clean fusion of art and science. Tap into your highest potential with our latest creation the M369 Massager allows you to release tension from your body and to maximize your human experience pain-free.

Melt away your tension

with the new M369 Massager

Thai Massage Energy Release Cycle


Feeling of discomfort, swelling, tightness or hardness in the muscles, internal organs or connective tissues


Upon massaging the body, sensations and emotions of coldness, heaviness, agitation can arise from repression


Conscious breathing and understanding of the emotions allows the body to release the energy from the chi meridians


It is normal to feel lighter, tingly, and looser after a deep tissue massage has cleansed tensions in your body. Rest deeply and hydrate after.

What People Say

My husband got me the  M369 massager for my birthday and it's been the best gift I've ever received!

Tina S, WA

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